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Motion Graphics Animation and Video Editing

Title: Celebrate New Life - Artist: Avo - Publisher: Abet Publishing,

About: Celebrating new life (new journey),

Style: Cinematic - Adventure, Fantasy, Action & Romance in warm/soft color tones,

Genre: Visual Music - Pop Instrumental, lead el-Guitar, sprinkled with Voices,

Sound: Warm Analog, layered Rhythmic patterns, influenced by Motown & European (French, Italian…) Melodies.


Promotional Video

Motion Graphics Animation and Video Editing

Music: by Avo

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The Power of Visualizing

At Graphic Design 8, Artworks are first created with mental images of the desired final outcome, using all of our senses.

I can't wait to see Bit-Food, easy on the stomach, it’s just 1 and 0s, everyone can eat it, and it could simulate any taste, no need for shipping, just plug in and download, available first on Apple App Store, soon on Google Play, Advertised on YouTube, it’s cheaper on Amazon.

The Future is AMAZING, and it was envisioned by few great authors decades ago!

Soundtrack by Chill Mood

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